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Do you know the following sports celebrities from the school?
Yang Wei: 99-level undergraduate student of Wuhan Sports Institute, 00-year Sydney Olympic Gymnastics Men's Team Championship, personal all-around silver medal, 2003 World Championship team gold medal, all-around silver medal.
Huang Qiu Shuang, 10 years of gymnastics World Cup Doha Station uneven bars champion, freelance runner-up. The Rotterdam World Championships in the Netherlands successfully used the “Twisted One-Way Turn 360 Degree” and was named “Huang Qiu Shuang”. 11-year gymnastics World Cup Stuttgart station individual all-around champion, Tokyo station individual all-around champion, 11-year gymnastics World Cup women's all-around annual championship.
Zheng Lihui: 04 graduate student of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. 00-year Sydney Olympic Gymnastics Men's Team Championship.
Meng Guanliang: The 99th undergraduate student of the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, the men's canoeing project of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and the partner Yang Wenjun won the first Olympic gold medal in China and even in Asia.
Wang Liping: Graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. In the interview, the teacher of the school said that the coach who took her had retired and could not be contacted. The specific experience is unknown. The women's 20km gold medal in the Sydney Olympics in 00.
Cheng Fei: 2004 undergraduate student of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, 2003 Asian Gymnastics Championship team champion, vaulting champion, freestyle champion. From August 1997 to August 1999, he was trained in the Institute of Physical Education. He had the unique "Cheng Fei Jump" and was hailed as "the first woman in Chinese women's vaulting."
They are all from the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and Communication is one of the few sports news and communication colleges in the country. The IOS series of film and television lamps of Bahrain Enterprise cooperated with the fusion laboratory of Wuhan Sports Institute and Sports Communication College for the first time, which fully proved that IOS series products, technologies and services were fully recognized by the well-known universities.


1 180W LED Spotlights IOS/LP-5403; total lamp power: 3W/piece Service life: approx. 50000H Beam angle: 15°, 25°, 35° Optional input power: AC
90V-240V, 50 / 60Hz Power: 180W (220V) Control: DMX-512, master-slave, self-propelled Control channel: 8 channels Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment Dimming accuracy: 13Bit
(8192 class, 0.06μS) dimming frequency: 2KHz strobe:
1-20 times / sec. Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ 40 ° C;
23.00 station
2 250W Computer moving head beam IOS/LP-200B; Power: 250W Control signal: DMX-512 Control channel: 16 channel standard mode / 20 channel extended mode Scan angle: horizontal scanning angle 540°, resolution 16Bit, automatic correction of positioning vertical scanning angle 270°, Resolution 16Bit, automatic correction of positioning linear dimming: mechanical linear dimming 0-100%
Color wheel: 1 fixed color wheel (14 color chips + white light), linear color conversion, half color effect, and two-way rotation rainbow effect
Fruit pattern plate: 17 fixed patterns + white circle, variable speed jitter /
Two-way rotation effect Prism: Independent 16-sided prism with prism positioning function and prism bi-directional variable rotation effect
Focus: Linear high-definition focusing;
8.00 station
3 DMX-512 Signal amplification distributor IOS/S8; DMX512 signal amplifier, one in eight out 2.00 station
4 12 Road straight cabinet IOS/Z-12; 12-bit, input power supply: three sets of five-wire system / single-phase three-wire system,
50Hz±2Hz, single-phase operating voltage 220V±10%AC module power: 3KW/road; high-efficiency anti-interference magnetic ring, effectively suppressing
Interference with audio and video equipment; lightning protection, high voltage resistance
Can protect equipment safety
1.00 station
5 Lamp signal socket On-site customization; stage effect lighting standby DMX512 signal socket, connected to the computer light console 16.00 One



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