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IOS series of film and television lamps entered the multi-functional lecture hal
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The design standard of the multi-purpose lecture hall of Houjie Sub-branch requires the realization of multi-function lectures, performances, and movie playback functions of the lecture hall.
Stage lighting requirements for the multi-purpose lecture hall of Houjie Sub-branch:
1. When the aperture of the camera is 5.6, the vertical illumination of the integrated light in the surface light and the stage area is not less than 1200Lx.
2. The color rendering index of the stage area light is not less than 85 (continuous spectrum).
3. Multi-function lecture hall lighting power supply AC three-phase four-wire 380V/220V 50Hz to the lamp, the voltage is AC single phase.
4. Stage lighting installation requires the use of lightweight materials, and fully consider the safety of the ceiling according to the site conditions.
5. The stage lighting system is simple, compact, practical and durable. It mainly uses LED lamps with long working life and small volume. The hood needs to have the function of programming and timing quantitative smoke.

IOS series of film and television lamps settled in the multi-functional lecture hall of Houjie Branch


1 36-channel digital dimming station CP-36D/A; 36 optical paths, 36 minutes control, control 36 silicon channels, with wiring, 9 effects, 99 scenes. IOS 1.00 station
2 12-channel digital dimming silicon box DP-312D; 12 dimming circuits, maximum load current 26A, single-channel loadable 3KW, with high-efficiency anti-interference magnetic ring, excellent anti-interference ability, almost no interference to audio video; IOS 1.00 station
3 Multi-function dimming power box DP-POWER; mobile silicon box with power supply box, with power main switch; convenient power input connection to the silicon box, with multiple through power. IOS 1.00 station
4 12-position switch board 12 digits, each load 3KW IOS 2.00 station
5 24-channel decoder Analog signal to DMX512 signal IOS 1.00 station
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