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IOS LED series of film and television lamps and the Fangchenggang Meteorological
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After 2007, the Fangchenggang Meteorological Bureau developed rapidly, and the four meteorological bureaus of Nanning, Guilin and Baise were listed as the pilot units for the modernization of meteorological modernization in Guangxi, and the comprehensive reform pilot units of the meteorological agencies in the whole region. The business has developed in a healthy and comprehensive manner. It has been ranked among the top three in the assessment of the target of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for four consecutive years and won the first place in 2011.

The Bahrain Enterprise Stage Lights used in the Studio of the Fangchenggang Meteorological Bureau Film and Television Center have:


Serial number item name Main specification model Quantity
1 100W LED spotlight 1. Lamp beads: 1 color COB 100W WLED;
2. Life expectancy: about 50,000 hours;
3. Color: cool white or warm white;
4. Indicates: >95;
5. Optical lens angle: 60 °;
6. Dimming: 16BT linear dimming 0~100%;
7. Strobe: 0~25/sec;
8. Rated voltage: AC100/240V, 50/60Hz;
9. Rated power: 150W;
10. The best projection distance: 4-30 meters;
11. Working environment ambient temperature: -25 ° C ~ 40 ° C;
12. Cooling: forced air cooling;
13. Protection level: IP20;
14. Control operation mode: DMX mode, master-slave mode;
15.DMX channel: 2 channels;
16. Appearance material: aluminum alloy + cold rolled plate + plexiglass;
17. Features: high-power high-brightness LED, requiring high efficiency and energy saving; four digital tube display, with power supply, signal display; single machine operation, DMX control, master-slave synchronous operation; with over-temperature protection.
2 120W LED Flat soft light 1. Lamp beads: 384*0.5WLED Lifetime: about 50,000 hours; color: cool white or warm white.
2. Optical; lens angle: 120°; dimming: 16BT linear dimming 0~100%; stroboscopic: 0~25/sec; power supply: rated voltage: AC100/240V; 50/60Hz; rated power: 150W; Output; luminous flux: optimal projection distance: 4-30 meters.
3. Working environment: ambient temperature: -25 ° C ~ 40 ° C; cooling: forced air cooling; protection level: IP20; control: operating mode: DMX mode, master-slave mode; DMX channel: 2 channels; high-power high-brightness LED, Energy efficient.
4. Four digital tube display with power supply and signal display.
5. Stand-alone operation, DMX control, master and slave synchronous operation.
6. Over temperature protection function.
3 Computer light console Maximum 1024 DMX control channels, DMX512/1990 standard, optically isolated signal output. At the same time, it can control up to 120 computer lights or 120 channels of dimming. Up to 42 control channels per lamp, using the library mode (compatible with the "Pearl" library). The maximum storage of 600 replay programs is divided into 40 pages, 200 groups, 210 preset data, and 100 snapshots. Built-in graphic effect (SHAPE) direct selection button to effectively support live change effects. Program sync control: Optional internal speed, external speed, music sync or MIDI control. With USB data interface, support U disk data backup and system upgrade, file system is compatible with WINDOWS XP. 1station
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