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Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau multi-scenic studio lighting project
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Multi-scenic studios refer to multiple scene areas in a large studio that can be photographed. The scenes usually include news, interviews, virtual, and on-demand. Compared to studios in a single scenic spot, multi-scenic studios are more diverse and flexible in their program format, while also saving investment. However, the design of studio lighting in multiple scenic spots is also more complicated and technical requirements are higher.



Multi-scenic studio lighting design steps:
1. Measuring the room size and height of the studio. Multi-scenic studio rooms are large, and usually there are fire pipes and ventilation ducts at the top of the room. When designing the lights, avoid them. If the height of the room is high, the height of the lamps can be lowered. In the multi-scenic studio room, air conditioning needs to be installed. The installation height of the luminaire needs to be determined first, and then the air outlet of the air conditioner is installed.


2. Determine the number of studios in multiple scenic spots. What type of each scenic spot is, and which one is highlighted. The arrangement of various scenic spots in the multi-scenic studio not only affects the camera position, but also affects the arrangement of the lights. For adjacent scenic spots, the lights can be shared to save costs.



3, multi-scenic studio lighting graphic design and lamp position design. According to the situation of each scenic spot, separate lighting is arranged for the scenic spot. For example, the virtual scenic area uses the circular cloth method and the regional lighting method to light; if the background is a large screen, it is necessary to reduce the background light and enhance the surface light. At the same time, for two adjacent scenic spots, reasonable design can be made to share part of the lights in the two scenic spots to save costs. For the installation of the luminaire, there are rail mounting methods and installation methods for the fixed vine.



Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau multi-scenic studio lighting project adopts our 180W LED spotlight IOS LP-W180, 12 sets, 120W LED flat soft light IOS LP-833C1W6, 30 sets



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